Chicago-native, Nicole J. Butler, moved to Hollywood with $220 & plenty of home-grown moxie.  All she wanted to do was to tell the stories of the women who had never had the opportunity to tell their stories for themselves.

Los Angeles was a cantankerous heifer, prone to delivering a swift kick at inopportune times.  Nicole got stuck in an inflexible day job that she hated, spent money on bad headshots, gave terrible auditions, got burned out, quit acting, went broke, & moved to a neighborhood where people who did not work for pizza restaurants sold slices of pizza door to door.  Let that sink in for a moment.

Nevertheless, she persisted… & after years of doing it wrong, she finally started getting it right.

Since then, Nicole has worked behind AND in front of the camera, which has given her a unique perspective of the business. She has appeared in numerous national & regional commercials, popular television shows, stage plays, & independent projects.  She has also done voiceover work for a number of high-profile companies, produced short films & web series, & worked on the production teams of several elite award shows.

Nicole has also been featured in trade publication, Backstage & Adweek, written for Backstage Online, & was a guest-speaker on the SAG Foundation’s “When Actors Decide to Quit Their Day Job” panel.*  She has mentored many actors, helping them to understand “the business of show business” and providing invaluable assistance with auditions, headshots, and other career essentials.

Nicole continues her work in Hollywood, while making sure to indulge in her loves, which include: oil painting, arts & crafts, and international travel.  Oh, and buying fabric for things that she sews never gets around to sewing.

*Swear to God that was a real thing.